Some Cooking Games For Girls. Gordon Ramsay Cooking School.

Some Cooking Games For Girls

some cooking games for girls

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Bio for Miss France

Bio for Miss France

What are your interests and what do you enjoy doing the most?
Oh, many different thing! Haha, how typical does that sound.. I’m very interested in things like robotics, astronomy, programming, and architect; but also ‘more fun' things like video games, art (not that I'm any good, haha), cooking (baking expecially!), designing clothing and accessories, eating many different kinds of food, and much more! But for the activity I enjoy doing the most, hmm.. It would have to be being out with a special friend at night and finding a beautiful place to watch the stars.

Name: Alica Reynor (currently)
Age: N/A
HomeTown: Paris

What is your career ambition?
Something that I can enjoy doing but still be successful, isn't that what everyone wants, tee-hee, also something I haven’t done yet. Perhaps running a cafe of some sort, that would be fun! Although I still have that childhood dream of being a monster-fighting magical school girl, hehe, silly isn't it.

Describe where you were raised and what your childhood was like.
It’s all rather blurry.. and bright. Sorry I can't go into detail.
As for my hometown, I consider Paris my first (I travel quite frequently).

What do you want the judges to know about you?
I am a young woman with a strong sense of self and a content outlook on life. When I set myself to something I follow it out no matter what. Everything I exceed at I do because of hard work and perseverance. Also I’m very loving and care much about everyone I meet and enjoy our special bonds.



Crazy lady cooking teacher!! The girls and I did a cookery course in hoian. We learnt how to make spring rolls, steamed tuna, papaya salad and it was all yummy. We went round the lock market to pick up the ingredients first. The Vietnamese eat some of the strangest things as some of the later photos will show! One of the delicacies is a boiled egg with a partly developed duck fortis in it. Our cooking teacher had one as a snack and gobbled it down. It looked horrendous and although I'm game for most things that was a step too far!!

some cooking games for girls

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